SCORE Rosarito Beach Desert Challenge

I'm having trouble registering Online! Help!

~CLICK HERE for a step-by-step guide to using our online registration system, pre-registration is only available online. No paper forms are accepted.

I need to order a trophy, stickers, shirt, etc.

~Trophy orders~ Alejandra Gonzalez alejandra@reconocimientoshh.com 011-52-(664)634-7702


What class does my vehicle fit into?

~ Vehicle tech questions are largely covered by the Rulebook, which can be purchased under the 'Rulebook' Menu tab, or with a SCORE Membership. Addendums and rule changes will also be posted under the 'Rulebook' tab. The tech office at 619-938-2135 can answer more complicated questions that aren't resolved by reading the SCORE Rulebook.

I need a vehicle number!

~Please consult THIS page to read the ENTIRETY of our Vehicle Number policy. The number ranges for each class are posted HERE.

How old do I have to be to race?

~16 is the minimum age to race, as long as you can get a signed Minor Waiver (with parent's present at race registration) or get a NOTARIZED Minor Waiver (if parents will not be present at race registration). Without that waiver you must be 18 years old.

When does registration open for the ______ race?

~ Registration opens roughly two months before each race. If it is within that time frame, registration will be posted as a link on the homepage, announced on our Facebook, and linked as 'Racer registration' under the 'Races' Menu tab.

Is there a digital version of the rulebook?

~Not currently. But there are certain rule changes and updates posted under the 'Rulebook' Menu tab. Please check there if you don't find what you need in the Rulebook, or to purchase a SCORE Rulebook.

Where is the schedule for the upcoming race?

~The schedule for a race that is currently open for registration will be posted under the 'Races' tab on the menu, as well as on the first page of the registration site. For more information about the current race or future races, click on the race title on the year-long schedule page:

2016 Race Schedule/

Where is the schedule for a future race?

~Schedules are posted when registration is open. If registration is not open, there is no official schedule available. For more information about the current race or future races, click on the race info button up on the menu(2nd tab from the left).