BAJA 500 Race Brief

ATTENTION: All SCORE BAJA 500 Racers - All racers prerunning the start section need to reduce there speed the first 15 miles. The local police are getting complaints and say they will be forced to stop speeding vehicles and will be applying the law.

Please slow down, be safe, and we will see you in Tech today. - JUNE 3, 2016

Rule Updates Just Announced! - 5-31-16 at 5:00 PM
Trophy Trucks
As a TEST for the 2016 Baja 500, SCORE will allow Super Chargers to compete. Engine must be based on a LT4 small block Chevy Corvette engine, with a 376 cid. (6.2 liter) with a stock 10.0 to 1 compression ratio. Specs are: Bore 4.06 and Stroke 3.62 (103.25mm X 92mm). Engine must be sealed or governed to 800 horsepower or less. This is a "one-time" test to evaluate performance.
Stock Mini Truck
Front suspension must remain stock and must be mounted in the stock locations other than what is specified herein. Front suspension upper A-Arms may be change to an aftermarket upper arm. Uni-balls OK on upper arms only. Heim upper A-Arm pivots optional. Upper arms must be from a reputable brand, no custom Upper arms allowed. Gusseting of the stock suspension parts and mounts is allowed. Spindles and hubs must be stock, gusseting of spindles is allowed. Axles and cvs must be stock as delivered. Steering must be stock. 
Rear springs must be mounted in the stock front mounts, gusseting is optional. Rear shackle and rear spring mounts are open. Rear springs may be mounted ether over or under the axle.  Spring rates are open.  Rear airbumps are optional 2.0” maximum diameter. 
Recommended minimum tube size of 1.750" x .120 wall roll cage is allowed in all 2010 stock mini trucks.