GPS Files – 2017 Baja 500

5/31/2017 - NOTE: We are moving VCP 2/94. The course is marked correctly. The VCP moved 240 meters to the east, as well as the route.

Jose Abelardo Grijalva
SCORE International

GPX Files - VCP 2 and 94 Change

KML Files - VCP 2 and 94 Change

USR ZIPPED Files - VCP 2 and 94 Change


Version 3 of the Baja 500 GPS files are now available on the SCORE website under Race Info/Baja 500 logo.  This release includes changes starting at RM 9.04 and ends at RM 11.61 on the outbound and starts at RM 502.08 and ends at RM 504.64 on the inbound.  These changes are required due to bridge construction requiring SCORE to move the course to the right of the area.  Version 3 complete files include the changes released in Version 2 regarding changes between RM 410 and RM 415.

For the convenience of teams already pre-running and making your own GPS notes, SCORE is providing GPS files of only the changed area at RM 9.04 and RM 502.09 for you to integrate into your current GPS files.

Change GPX Files

Change KML Files

Change USR ZIPPED Files

Complete Files

Complete GPX Files

Complete KML Files

Complete USR ZIPPED Files